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A visiting angler may want to plan their Alaska fishing trips to target a wide variety of fish during their stay rather than go for a single target species. This can substantially improve your odds for bringing home a box of fish fillets because each fishery does have its ups and downs at times and the more Alaska fishing trip options you have available the better your chances for maximum success. The table you see above identifies when our major fresh and saltwater fishing occurs for each species on the Kenai Peninsula's most popular waters - the Kenai River, Kasilof River, Russian River and Cook Inlet.

When fishing in Alaska timing is everything. Whether your Alaska fishing trips are for local trout or migrating salmon running our rivers and streams, every fish species has a specific time its available and more importantly a time of most abundance. Fishing during the peak of the runs means a lot more fish are available to improve your chances of success. Those dates are the ones which book quickly so anglers should decide on a date and reserve their package as early as possible. During the peak season, our Kenai river fishing lodges can get very crowded and by considering fishing the shoulder periods of the run may actually provide better opportunities with fewer anglers competing.

Many vacationers enjoy the freedom of creating a schedule of activities and accommodations that are most suited to their objectives, schedule, and preferences. Sometimes an "all-in-one" package just doesn't fit. So choosing individual day fishing trips and separate lodging to suit their needs is a big convenience. Those with very limited stays in the area find this the best way to go.

On the other hand, those visitors who prefer to have all the details and arrangements laid out in a complete Alaska fishing trip package will find something for everyone in the many Alaska Fishing Packages Bob's Cabin and Guide Service can provide. Our Alaska fishing trips include saltwater and freshwater guided fishing for many different species. But customization is always an option for those with additional requirements or who want to experience some of the more unique offerings of Alaska.

Why we protect fish and wildlife habitat

Our riverside location provides a true connection with Nature that makes our guests' stay even more rewarding. Wildlife such as Bald Eagles, waterfowl, the magnificent Arctic Tern, moose and the occasional caribou or Brown bear bless our location throughout the season. Its wise to keep your cameras close at hand since you never know when that perfect photo opportunity will occur.

We are dedicated to conservation of the Kenai River and its fish & wildlife resources. We leave the sensitive river bank at the lodge untrampled in order to preserve the natural habitat where young salmon and trout fry grow up feeding on aquatic microorganisms. On some days our guests can observe hundreds of young fry hiding and feeding along the riparian habitat in front of the lodge. In just 2 - 6 years, some of these tiny 2" fry will return to their Kenai River "home" from the saltwaters of Cook Inlet to provide anglers like you with that thrill of a lifetime battling those huge Kings!

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