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Guided Fishing Trips: 3 Reasons You'd Be Foolish to Go It Alone

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If there was one way everyone who's planning fishing trips to Alaska could make their getaways even better, it would have to be hiring a guide. Their knowledge and experience are absolutely priceless.

Here are just a few reasons why guided fishing trips in Alaska are the best kind of fishing trips.

Local Experience Will Be on Your Side
Having a guide with you will allow you to quickly learn how to fish the lake. The bigger it is, and the more structure it has, the longer it'll be before you can find any fish. For example, a good guide in Alaska will know that 72% of early-run fish spawn in tributary streams, and that their peak spawning occurs in mid-July, so he or she will take you to the tributaries to fish. Why waste your time trying to figure things out when you can have a guide who already knows it all?

Let Them Do the Dirty Work
A guide will do all the running around for you. They'll take care of the boat, insurance, licenses, gas, tackle, and equipment. They'll get up before the sun is even thinking about rising and get the bait. They'll untangle the rods. They'll figure out where the fish are that day. They'll handle it.

Catch More Fish; Catch Better Fish
The number one reason you should hire a guide is quite simply so that you can catch more fish. Guides are out there on the water almost every day, so they know where to go. Best of all, they'll also help teach you how to land "the big one."

To say that fishing is "popular" would be an understatement. Freshwater fishing is reportedly the most popular type of fishing with over 28 million anglers devoting almost 467 million angler-days to the sport, and in 2013, over 10 million youths between the ages of six and 17 years went fishing. Considering this extreme popularity, it's fair to say that guided fishing trips can make excellent gifts.

If you have any questions about guided fishing trips, feel free to share in the comments.

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